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Welcome to ”Learn Affiliate Marketing”. The purpose of this website is to highlight the benefits of affiliate marketing to the business community and to help you achieve success in affiliate marketing – if that is a route you choose to follow.

A recent survey of internet marketing methods indicated a low level of satisfaction with affiliate marketing among merchants, ie those selling their own products online. Many have been led to believe that affiliate marketing is a guaranteed way to bring in extra sales at low cost but have been disappointed with the results.

At the same time other merchants are seeing phenomenal sales growth fueled by their affiliate programs.

Similarly, many individuals sign up as affiliates in anticipation of reaping huge rewards with very little effort. They see other people seemingly making large full-time incomes in affiliate marketing working from home and don’t understand why it doesn’t work for them!

It certainly does work for others, very many affiliates are making full time incomes with many making 6 and even 7 figure incomes.

So what makes the difference? Why are some merchants and affiliates spectacularly successful and others fail miserably?

This website sets out to answer these questions, dispel the myths and highlight just what is needed to make affiliate marketing work for both merchant and affiliate. It will grow over the weeks and months into a major membership site for anyone interested in affiliate marketing. We hope you find it useful. We invite you to register for membership so that we can keep you up to date on new content, ebooks and tools for both affiliates and merchants. Just click the ”membership” link above.

Welcome to your future!

John Kirk

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